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Host a Screening Party! - Map

Screening parties happen when a group of people gather together to watch the film and have discussion afterwards. The best way to move toward solutions is to begin talking to one another. Invite people who may not know about these issues and let's get past the polarization. Remember to have respectful (yet spirited!) dialog. Also keep in mind that while the film brings up different ideas, we live in a democracy. It's good to discuss these things!

Steps for Organizing a Screening 

1.  Buy the Film. The DVD ships with the first Discussion Menu to help to guide dialog after seeing the film.

2.  Begin Organizing: Decide on a date and place

3. Contact other people and invite them. Create a welcoming space with food. Here are some ideas.

4. Send me your screening party info, and I'll put it on the map. Send your city, state and interesting ideas or questions that came up. This way, people can see that other people are also discussing these things.

You' re welcome to use any of these downloads.

There are also tips on the Brave New Theaters website at http://bravenewtheaters.com/guide/host

Brave New Theaters is doing a very cool thing. The advantage of hosting with them is that the information about the screening is public and online so other people will be able to know about and attend the screening. You can do a search by zip code to see what films are screening in your area.

You can sign up at Brave New Theaters as a host. Here's the link: http://democracy.bravenewtheaters.com
Note: The full title, with a space between the words won't fit, so it sometimes appears as ConsideringDemocracy or Considering Democra, but it's the same film.

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