U.S. Capitol
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Supreme Court

Tour, Screenings and Reviews

Sunlight helps people to see more clearly. Sometimes it can be momentarily disorienting, or somewhat blinding if one isn't used to it, but eyesight adjusts. It's the same with information!

Information is important as well as delicious and nutritious in a good and strong democracy. It's important to have discussion in a rational and respectful manner. Then we can start the movement toward solutions!

This map shows screenings and reviews.

As more people see and screen the film, we will begin to start discussing solutions. Remember that there are solutions out there! Many first world industrial democracies function quite well.

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Note on the map: If you click on links from within the map, it will take you to the new page. If you click on 'View Larger Map' link under the map, it takes you to a larger map page and loads the links in a new window. That way, links can be checked out, but the map also stays open. I'm not sure why this is, and I wish I knew more code. If anyone knows why this is, please email me here.

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