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Discussion Menus - Have Discussion! Define the Change!

Discussion Menu #1 - 2 pg pdf
This menu ships with the DVD and helps to guide discussion after screening Considering Democracy.

Discussion Menu #2 - 2 pg pdf
This menu is intended for discussion after watching the DVD Extras.

Discussion Menu #3 - 2 pg pdf
This delectable menu discusses recent political analysis and moves the discussion toward possible solutions. There's also a Solutions page that links to other countries so we can see what they're doing. Yes! It is possible to move toward that direction if we start talking to one another.

Printing Tip: The Discussion Menus are two pages in the pdf format.  The first page has the main content that makes up the inside the menu.  The second page is the front and the back of the menu.  To save paper, download the pdf, and then print only the first page.  After that’s done printing, flip it over and place it back in the printer’s paper loading tray.  Go to ‘print’ again, and specify the second page. You’ll have a menu that looks like the one on the lower right hand side.

DVD Content Menu - 1pg pdf (2 copies) or the word version.

Newspaper Reviews - 5 pg pdf

Activities and Outtakes Menu - 2 pg pdf

This Menu is a fun one - well, depending on what you like. These are funny or odd moments or things you may have missed when first viewing the film. There are also activities to do and other interesting things that people said off-tape during the production of Considering Democracy. I tried the newspaper activity while traveling through different cities.

If you're hungry for more information, check out the Supreme Court Historical Dig Downloads page.

Posters and Postcards

Click on the image to download a pdf

Poster - 1 page

8.5 x 11 Text Only

Poster - 1 page

8.5 x 11" With Pictures

Postcards - 2 pages

8.5 x 11 front and back

The posters and postcards print on a regular size page and have space on the bottom for the option of writing information for a screening. If you need a lot of them, you can use an address label sticker that you can print your information on. Sticker and use! (See right)


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