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The Crew

Brian Cadamagnani has released 4 audio albums on noiseusse.org and continues to mix and create audio.  He previously worked with Keya Lea on the short documentary Red Tibet, Free Tibet, 2004.
www.noiseusse.org email: here
Laurent Guerin has been a freelance photographer since 1993.  His assignments have taken him to Beirut, Nicaragua, Chiapas, Bosnia, Palestine/Israel and Iraq.  Laurent shot the footage in Iraq. He is currently working on a multimedia project on Americans.
www.baghdadproject.com email: here

Stuart Overby is a journalist and filmmaker currently working on A Tale of Two Museums.  She is a partner at halflife*digital, a production boutique in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She shot the footage of the FCC hearing.

David Redmon is a documentary filmmaker.  His documentary, Mardi Gras, Made in China continues to screen.  David shot the footage near the MSNBC set and was the interviewer during most of the NYC interviews.

Anthony Sherin is an independent filmmaker.  His documentary, ORIGINAL INTENT: The Battle for America won best feature documentary honors at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival and the Harlem International Film Festival. He is also an accomplished film editor and has edited such films as THE CURE, A SOLDIER'S SWEETHEART, GETTING TO KNOW YOU, FIRST TIME FELON, FLESH AND BONE and REVERSAL OF FORTUNE. Anthony was the consulting editor and photographer for Considering Democracy.


His film, Original Intent can be purchased from Filmakers Library at: www.filmakers.com or by calling 212 808-4980.

Blair Ashby is a full time music composer and producer gradually moving into film music composition to expand beyond album work and artist development.  He has worked on various independent films as well as corporate and religious videos.

Keya Lea Horiuchi has spent most of her career as an educator, teaching on the Navajo Indian Reservation, on the western slope of Colorado and in Denver.  She created one short film Red Tibet, Free Tibet , 2004, that screened at a few festivals. She is the director, editor, cinematographer and narrator for Considering Democracy: 8 Things to Ask your Representative.


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