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"Food for thought and a call to action that shouldn't be missed"
- Columbia Daily Tribune

"Covers a lot of ground... swift moving, thought provoking"
- Brattleboro Reformer, Vermont

"Gently inquisitive" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Vital questions" - Nashville Scene r

"Raising the stakes" - Athens Banner-Herald

"Surprising" - The City Sentinel, Oklahoma City

"Questions we should be asking..." - The Oxford Town

"An iron hand in a velvet glove", this documentary offers a cinematic mirror that allows U.S. citizens to see ourselves through the eyes of the world. The image you see in this well done and powerful documentary might surprise you.
- Godfrey Reggio, Producer, Director Koyaanisqatsi and Qatsi Trilogy

Sedona Film Festival, August 2008 - Best of Fest Weekly Summer Screening

Big Muddy Film Festival, February 2008 - Winner John Michaels Award

Beloit International Film Festival, January 2008

Comments from Viewers...

We had a very lively family discussion last night prompted by our seeing "Considering Democracy" at the Beloit Film Festival (it was so interesting, the conversation even caused my sister + I to be 20 minutes late for a date to meet my daughter for tea:).  I'm thinking there will be many more to follow!
-LH, Michigan

Screened as a Work in Progress:

Ellensburg Film Festival 07
River's Edge Film Festival 07
Hardacre Film Festival 07
Global Peace Film Festival 07

Previous Working Cut Name:
Growing Democracy
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 06

Bay Street Film Festival 06
Southside Film Festival 06

In the Beloit Festival, we went to another documentary, with a similar theme and write up to yours,  where people went around the world and asked what others thought of America.  The result was a hodge podge of views, and basically we got out of it what we already knew - attitudes to the US vary, some based on knowledge and first hand experience, others based on stereotypes and information gleaned from the media (which can be biased overseas, too!).  We felt quite differently about your film.  What was excellent was your thematic approach, and your use of facts.  I was also glad  to see you gave your sources for statistics, etc.  And the film sequenced very well and logically from a quite simple and specific beginning - mandatory vacation entitlement - until you wrapped  everything into the whole issue of democracy. 
-GB, Wisconsin

I liked everything about this film.  It touched accurately on all these issues that are so important.  Finally a film that hits directly on all the top issues that affect us as Americans.  As people. 
-JC, Colorado

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