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DVD Features
-2nd Edition, Aug 2008

-Full Length Film: 58 Mins.
-Chapter Selections
-DVD Extras & Special Features: 41 Mins.
Includes Profit and Policy, Travel Interivews with the Filmmaker, Alternate Transistions, We Can Have Good Government and more!
-Playback All Regions, NTSC
-DVD ships with Discussion Menu #1

All DVDs are glass mastered - replicated disks and will play on any DVD player. Let us know if you have any issues. Check it on another DVD player, and if it's the disk, then let us know.

New Address

A Girl with a Camera Productions
P.O. Box 20953
Boulder, CO 80308

Considering Democracy was also a part of Iron Weed Film Club's October 08 DVD. They have a great deal and will send out a compilation DVD every month.

Buy the Film

A Girl with a Camera Productions is an independent film company.  As independent filmmakers, we strive to create compelling, content rich, thought provoking media.

Please choose the option that fits your situation. All funds are listed in U.S. Dollars. The DVDs will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Click the button to be taken to a secure PalPal site to buy the DVD. Thank you for your support!


This DVD is for individual, private use and/or for screening parties.   Start defining the change with Discussion Menu#1 that ships with the DVD.

$25.00 + $3.00 S&H

The DVD + Library/Nonprofit Screening License

This DVD is for nonprofits and other organizations that are working for various altruistic ends and not generally charging a fee for their services. The DVD will ship with Discussion Menus 1,2 & 3. This category includes public libraries, but excludes college and university libraries. More info - 1 page pdf

$28.00 + $3.00 S&H

DVD x2 - Define the Change! Special

These DVDs are for people to share. Define the Change! Information is incredibly important in a democracy. Does this country have enough information to engage in discussion to define the change? Two DVDs and all three Discussion Menus will ship with this Define the Change! Special.

$33.00 + $4.00 S&H

The DVD + College/University License

This DVD is for colleges and universities and/or any other educational institution that charges a tuition fee for their services. The accompanying license grants screenings within multiple classrooms within the same institution. If the college, university or institution does not charge a fee to students, then consider getting the nonprofit DVD. The filmmaker is also available to speak on campuses. Please send an email for more information.

$295.00 + $3.00 S&H

If you still aren't seeing that oh-so-elusive combination that you would like, then send an email to this link or a letter to the address in the documents above.

If you have questions about booking the filmmaker as a speaker, send an email here or a letter to the address in column to the upper left hand side of the page.

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