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Remember that the other industrial democracies have legislation that helps to enhance their leisure time. Think of how nice it would be to have time with family and time to relax - on vacation! Workers in other countries, both in developing and other developed industrialized democracies, also have more rights. If you are curious as to how this happened, go to the Supreme Court Historical Digs (Downloads) page. If you just want to learn a little more before having a meeting with your legislator about vacation time, here are a few links to check out. Information below the logo is their own. My input is in italics.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) was established in 1999 to promote democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people's lives. In order for citizens to effectively exercise their voices in a democracy, they should be informed about the problems and choices that they face.

There is a wealth of research at their site. Once at their website, do a search for vacation time. I looked and looked for a group that was pushing for American vacation rights, but didn't find any. Perhaps we need one!

America’s Union Movement
They have some great resources on their site. Look under CORPORATE Watch and Research Resources.

UFE raises awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart.

Department of Labor - Labor in the 21st Century

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