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Considering Democracy is just one film, based off of comments from other countries. It does not cover all the issues, but this page will link to some of them.

Ecoversity is a non-profit educational center, which explores and demonstrates sustainable living, ecological design and responsibility for the wise stewardship of the Earth.
I met the founders of this organization while I was in Santa Fe. They are good people doing amazing things.

The National Renewable Energy Lab
This is a government agency doing good things. Of course they are usually the first in line to get funding cut, but U.S. taxes do go toward productive, sustainable resources. They also have good information on their site.

This is the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy section of the U.S. Department of Energy.  This link will take you to the passive solar page.

An overview of solar

Here are pictures of really quite gorgeous passive solar houses with links to their respective architects.  Remember that a passive solar house doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive undertaking, although they can be quite luxurious. They can also be smaller and very practical.  Some of my friends are building their own earthship.  I’ll have pictures of their house soon.

Free Tibet!
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