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U.S. Supreme Court

"Food for thought... shouldn't be missed." - Columbia Daily Tribune

"'An iron hand in a velvet glove', this documentary offers a cinematic mirror that allows U.S. citizens to see ourselves through the eyes of the world. The image you see in this well done and powerful documentary might surprise you." - Godfrey Reggio, Producer, Director Koyaanisqatsi and Qatsi Trilogy

How does U.S. policy compare to other democratic nations? A filmmaker traveled around the world asking people about their nations' policies and about how they view the United States. After returning, research was carried out to see if what people were saying was true.  Interesting differences between the U.S. and all the other developed countries were found.  Shot in ten countries, Considering Democracy weaves together seemingly different topics into an interconnected tapestry. People from around the world act as a mirror for Americans to see a reflection of political power in the United States.

There are many resources associated with the film that can help discussion. There are study guides and discussion menus as well as action links to other organizations. There are also Supreme Court historical digs to better understand our current times.  

Host a screening party and invite people who might not know about these issues. Begin talking about possible solutions. Together we can get many things accomplished. 

If there are difficulties viewing the clip, click here to see it at youtube

Define the change!

While I am just one person (A Girl with a Camera Productions) if we work together, our reach and strength increases.

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